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Over the last 20 years our founder, Beth Barton has been working with clients to develop customized recruiting solutions that improve the quality of hires, that decrease the cost-to-hire expense and improve the time-to-hire bottom line.

Working closely with corporate clients and executive search firms, Beth brings a unique combination of industry experience coupled with a formidable knowledge of search execution. Beth is able to provide made-to-order recruitment solutions that include:

•Target Listing

•Research/Name Generation

•Source Calling/Candidate Development

•Candidate management

Today, most clients of Beth Barton, Inc. select a variety of products to meet the rapidly evolving needs of their organizations. Careful and rigorous training gives Beth’s associates a unique competitive edge. Her team has a wide range of industry experience and has successfully completed assignments across the globe.

Ethics, integrity and trust are a given at Beth Barton, Inc.  Confidentiality is the foundation of her business and the result is long-term relationships with both clients and candidates.  She adds economic value with a healthy respect for time and money.  Her values will continue to be at the core of what she does.

Beth looks forward to working with you to customize a search solution that meets the changing needs of your organization. Contact her today.

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